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Monday, June 14, 2004

Current Electoral Vote Battleground.

The current Electoral Vote is listed as Kerry 290 to Bush 244.

While not updated, Rassmussen Reports' more conservative call (5pts. necessary for a prediction) call it Kerry 227 to Bush 177 with 134 electoral votes too close to call.

The Hedgehog Report is still scoring the electoral college horse-race as Kerry 262 to Bush 276.

Meanwhile, the Political Wire led to me an interesting story with (act surprised) Democrats fucking up a senate race when the Campaign Manager fled town with the warchest just before the filing deadline. If you see Jesse Burchfield, let him know Karl Rove wants to buy him a beer. In classic Democratic form, the party files somebody whose age will number in the triple-digits by the time the term ends. Classic.

- Bob Brigham
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