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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

MfA's petition to John Kerry

Music for America has launched a new petition to John Kerry asking him to "step up and address the political concerns of our generation." It reads as follows:

Throughout his Presidency, George Bush has consistently dismissed our concerns and worked against the interests of our generation. His policies have damaged our country economically and socially, and poisoned political relations at home and abroad. As the youngest generation participating in politics, this damage affects us more than anyone; we're going to be paying for these mistakes for the rest of our lives.

Because we have the greatest stake in the decisions made by the next President we're determined to turn out in record numbers this year. If you don't believe us, look back at the Democratic Primaries; look at the anti-war protests. We've already participated in record numbers at a time when a majority of Americans aren't even paying attention. We're are going to be a force this year, and if you want to gain our trust and respect, here are the issues we want addressed:

1. No More Secrets. We Can Handle the Truth.
We're done with politicians who lie to us and make false promises. Democracy can't work if the people's representatives lie about their motivations, spin until their words have no meaning or pander to different groups without following through. We want a leader who respects us enough to speak plainly and frankly, not one who pretends to. This means:
*No more double speak (like programs promising "clear skies" that increase pollution)
*No more lies about the reasons for sending our troops to war.
*Be real; if you're not going to pass a bill increasing aid for tuition, level with us.
*If you can't provide everyone with healthcare, tell us and explain why.

2. Put People Before Corporate Lobbyists.
This country is supposed to be of, for and by the people. Lately, it seems like it's of, for and by the corporations. This is one of the primary reasons our generation doesn't vote -- we don't think it will make a difference because politicians answer to lobbyists before their constituents.

Whenever the government makes a decision, its first thought should be the welfare and betterment of the people. Corporations are not people. This means:
*Giving all Americans access to healthcare, not padding the HMOs bottom lines.
*Leading us to the future of renewable energy instead of dead-end fossil fuels.
*Ending the "drug war" that fattens the prison industry, tears apart communites, but does nothing to decrease drug use.
*Support for small/local businesses and quality job training, not subsidies for sending work overseas

3. Be A World Leader, not a World Bully.
We are safer and stronger when we are respected by the world. The only way we can regain the trust of the international community is to respect the opinions of our allies and take the lead once again on human rights issues and problems that are global in nature. We are the richest, most powerful country on the planet, if we lead the rest of the planet will follow. Not only will it make us safer and stronger, it is the right thing to do. This means:
*Working with our allies and the international community, and treating them with respect
*Strengthening the rule of law and spreading opportunity across the globe
*Taking the lead on supporting human rights
*Taking the lead on solving problems of a global nature such as climate change and nuclear proliferation

4. Help Us Build a Society that Works for Everyone.
Our country is based on the premise that everyone is equal, but this is increasingly not the case. In the last three years, we have moved backwards on civil rights and fundamental services like healthcare and education. We need a leader that can restore our public institutions and make the country work for all citizens, not just the wealthy. This means:
*Continuing the struggle for equal civil rights for all people, regardless of race, gender, religion or sexuality
*Supporting programs that provide everyone with quality healthcare and education
*Protecting the environment so we and our children inherit a clean, healthy planet
*Restoring faith in public institutions, and increasing participation in politics and public life across the country

Senator Kerry, President Bush has dismissed our generation and put our country on the road to ruin. But it's not too late to turn it around. We're not apathetic anymore. We're pissed-off and we're getting involved. If you want to gain our support and help us fix this country, address these issues and show us that you can be the leader we are looking for.

Good stuff. If you are a member of "our generation" you should sign the petition.

- Bob Brigham
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