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Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Kerry's Unilateral Cease-Fire

Last time a Democratic presidential candidate said he was suspending his campaign, the words came from Howard Dean. While Dean said “suspending” this was translated into “surrendering” by the press. CNN translated “suspending” into ‘ends’ ‘withdrawal’ ‘no longer a candidate’ and ‘threw in the towel’ in only one story.

This week Kerry’s realizing you still get shot at during a unilateral cease-fire. As the Political Wire reported, Bush has turned his campaign website into a disgusting display of Reagan-worship. As I commented on, GOP operatives are feeding the press anti-Reagan quotes from Kerry.

The New York Times ran a story titled, “Cease-Fire Fails to Hold” today which noted: “Viewers in 19 states are seeing a Bush advertisement that begins with the president offering an upbeat view of the economy but that also includes a less-than-flattering image of Mr. Kerry as an announcer says: "John Kerry's response? He's talking about the Great Depression. One thing's sure — pessimism never created a job."”

"In honor of President Reagan, Senator John Kerry has suspended his campaign for five days. Ralph Nader has also suspended his campaign. Not because of Reagan, he just doesn't have any supporters." —Jay Leno

- Bob Brigham
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