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Friday, June 11, 2004

Jim Ross Examines Gavin Newsom's G.O.T.V. Success

Former Newsom for Mayor Campaign Manager Jim Ross has recently posted a great article on the strategy behind the campaign that elected Newsom:

Tilting the Playing Field: Voter ID & Turnout

"During the course of the campaign we learned several things:
* You can start voter identification early and those voters that endorse early, if you communicate with them, will stick with you.
* Reach out to areas or communities that may not universally support you, a campaign can find pockets of support in even the most hostile areas.
* If possible use vote by mail or absentee voting and early voting to extend your GOTV efforts.
* Use volunteers to reach the voters you can’t reach through other means."

"On Election Day Gavin Newsom lost. He won Election Night because he received 20,000 more absentee votes than Matt Gonzalez. In the end the numbers from the Newsom campaign are impressive:

* 89,000 identified Newsom supporters
* 19,000 vote-by-mail applications
* 1500 volunteers
* An 8.79% increase in turnout from the November election (45.67%) to the December election (54.46%)

And the most important number, Gavin Newsom won the election with a 5% margin or 14,000 votes, 52.81% to 47.19%."

This is a must-read for those interested in the behind-the-scenes strategy of big-city political campaigns. It is part of Complete Campaigns new Campaign Guide.

- Bob Brigham
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P.S. Jim Ross is a Political Linebacker and one of the best minds in the business. Jim is the type of skipper you want at the helm if your Mom decides to run for office. Ending up on the wrong end of a Jim Ross campaign is like pissing into the wind. Ask anyone who has taken a political bath thanks to Jim and they'll elaborate, with plenty of cuss words, for hours...

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