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Monday, June 28, 2004

Gerardo Sandoval and ethics

It has been a long week to be Supervisor Gerardo Sandoval. Last Sunday, I began rolling out the background on which appears to be paid for by the taxpayers, is the only candidate site with an official seal, and it appears Sandoval pushed the ethical envelope for a crappy website.

While every political hack in town has been feasting on the gossip, it is nothing new for Gerardo Sandoval.

Last year, under the subhead, Gerardo's Gotta Go, progressive scribe H. Brown explained the view of the left. Brown gives Sandoval an "F" grade for the year while saying, "Sandoval also ranks first in the 'horrible rumors' category. I'm gonna leave you hanging there and save the real dirt..."

Brown closes by remarking, "Trust me on this one ... you can't trust him." Brown has also said, "give this man a raise so he can clean up his act, pleeeease!"

Meanwhile, Joefire has noticed that every Sandoval speech on SFGTV should have the disclaimer, "Gerardo Is Running For Re-Election" and has awarded Gerardo Sandoval with a close-second in the "kicked out of the room" contest.


- Bob Brigham
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