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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Steve Westly is a Liar

Steve Westly is a disgrace. Not only is he a chickenshit DLC'er who wouldn't stand up to Arnold and his campaign is based on a big fat lie:

The angry denunciations that have riven the Democratic contest for governor broke onto the television airwaves Friday night as state Controller Steve Westly started broadcasting an ad pounding rival Phil Angelides for supporting higher taxes.

Westly's spot appeared to break his pledge not to be the first candidate in the June 6 primary to run an ad attacking his opponent by name
Not only is Westly full of shit, but by pushing the GOP's taxes meme he is doing long term damage to the Democratic Party. Westly is like Gray Davis, but with a sense of humor (especially when it comes to lieing to the entire press corps):
Last month, Westly signed a pledge "not to be the first to initiate any paid advertising in this primary campaign that attacks the other by name" and challenged Angelides to do the same.
Westly can't be trusted. Not at all.
Ads by both candidates have taken subtle jabs at each other, but Westly's is the first to mention the opponent by name.

Senior Angelides advisor Bob Mulholland called the ad "completely false."

"It looks like it's the unraveling of the Westly campaign — breaking a pledge to all reporters about a clean campaign, like Schwarzenegger broke his promises to the people of California," Mulholland said. "Kind of a tragic end to the Westly campaign."

Hours before the attack ad hit the air, Angelides pollster Paul Maslin said in an interview that Westly would undermine voter trust if he broke his pledge to stick to a positive ad campaign.
He's lost my trust. Hell, I won't even vote for him in the general now. If he were to win, we would be stuck with another DLC loser who can't be trusted. Garry South took us down that road before and I don't want to have to vote to recall another Democrat.

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