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Monday, June 16, 2008

San Fransisco District 3 Candidates Debate

Couple of quick thoughts:

Awful venue. In a bunker of a basement with no cell access to liveblog. I overheard one couple leaving early remark, "No wine, no snacks, no nothing." That will probably be the best description of the evening.

David Chiu is going to have a hard time reconciling his overly polished image with trying to explain away his client list. His firm's most groundbreaking work was the company's business plan based on the assumption that the internet meant there was no longer such a thing as conflict of interest. I can't see the new Obama voters supporting who paid him. Expect the other candidates to wise up and pile on hard.

Rank Choice Voting is a disaster for debates. With ten candidates, they each only had 9 minutes total all night. I miss the days when a runoff would allow the top two to actually debate.

There was a ton of online media, expect many of them to write in more depth. Still undecided as a voter.

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