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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Nancy Pelosi Looks Like a Joke

As a San Francisco voter, when I fill out my ballot, I might write in Matt Stoller for congress:

Seriously, this is majorly fucked up. Almost no institutional DC groups are backing Ned Lamont, even though many of them have nominally endorsed him. Nancy Pelosi, the head of the Congressional wing of the party, won't give Lamont the kind of backup she'd give to every other Democrat in the country, even against someone who has combined his GOTV machine with Republican Congressional candidates running against the people she's stumping for.

This matters. Lieberman has been able to call for a withdrawal of troops because almost no Democrats will call him on it. He's able to buy votes because only one good government group was willing to say anything. He's able to pretend to environmentalism because the League of Conservation Voters endorsed him even as he voted for the Energy Bill, and he gets the endorsement of the Human Rights Campaign and gay bashers in the same cycle. The head of the Republican Party is constantly praising him, the DC Democrats are quiet or quietly helpful to Joe.

There is no way to crack someone's perception of integrity if all the organs of trust are desperately corrupted and working to sustain it. Lieberman is now an antiwar bring the troops home leftie gay lover to Democrats, and a knuckle-dragging hawkish bigoted goon to Republicans.

Amazing? No. Disgusting? Yes.

I disgust politicians who only follow trends instead of leading them (cough, Rahm Emanuel). But even worse is politicians who refuse to follow progress.

Nancy Pelosi should call Joe Lieberman a piece of shit, because he is.

Everyone is convinced Dems will take back the house and this is the perfect opportunity for Pelosi to show she won't allow herself to get rolled like Harry Reid was. But she failed and by doing so sent a clear signal to the corrupt/DLC wing of the Party that they can walk all over her.

Dems may win, but Pelosi will be a loser if she doesn't make some examples of Al From's 'Democratic' Losers Club.

Maybe instead of Stoller, I'll write in Burton. Neither Sala nor Phil nor John would have put up with this shit (and my congresswomen knows this).

The most important thing for Pelosi to do before her first hundred hours is to kick a Blue Dog/DLC Democrat in the teeth so hard that they are already passed out by the time she starts kicking and stomping. If Pelosi is to be Speaker, she needs to get her own house in order before she takes the reigns.

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