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Monday, August 07, 2006

Lieberman: No Room for Strong-on-Security Dems

The very-right-wing National Review quotes Lieberman as saying:

He said a victory for Lamont will send a message to the country: "In the Democratic Party, there's no room for strong-on-security Dems." He said that would be disastrous for the Democrats. "You can't win in this country," he said, "unless you assure people" that you aren't going to compromise on national security. He said he has backed the war on terror because he never forgets about the "radical Islamic terrorists who attacked us on 9/11 and want to do it again."
Lieberman is completely full of shit.

1. Lieberman isn't being primaried for "being strong on security" -- he is in trouble because he is a rubber stamp for a neocon Administration that has made the country less safe.

2. Lieberman knows nothing about winning in this country. In 2000, his limp debate and lackluster campaigning made the race far closer than it could have been and Lieberman's cowardly actions during the recount ended up losing a race that could have been won. In 2004, Lieberman proved he knew nothing about winning when he was destroyed during the primaries. In 2006, Lieberman has gone from a 68-13 lead to a deficit in the polls. Democrats tried Lieberman's DLC approach on security in 2002 and lost; tried it again in 2004 and lost.

3. Invading Iraq had as much to do with the "war on terror" as Lieberman has to do Chewbacca deciding to live with Ewoks. Supporters of the war aren't fighting terrorism, they are fighting against reality and their disasterous plan has emboldened the bad guys world wide.

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