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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Joe Lieberman Racism Backfires

With Dangerstein on staff, the Lieberman campaign has gone from bad to worse. No longer content to hurl B.S. allegations of anti-semitism, the Lieberman campaign dumped a forest of fliers on cars parked in front of black churches that suggested Lamont was like George Bush when it comes to hating African Americans.

Joe Lieberman Al SharptonAl Sharpton strikes back:

In a phone interview with me, Sharpton, who has endorsed Ned Lamont, criticized Lieberman for what appeared to be the first time during this campaign. He hammered Lieberman for the flyer, saying it was "beneath" Lieberman and "beneath the kind of person I thought he was." [...]

"I think it is very unfortunate and disappointing," Sharpton said, adding that he wished the campaign would focus instead on "the issues that are of concern to voters, particularly African American voters -- like this war, which has certainly bled from our community at a disproportionate rate, and questions about Lieberman's closeness to Bush throughout Bush's tenure."

"I respect and like Joe Lieberman as a person," Sharpton added. "This country club stuff reminds me of how people smeared Bill Clinton. It's ironic that they have a picture of Clinton on the cover of the flyer."

Dan Gerstein, a Lieberman adviser speaking officially for the campaign, said that the flyer raised perfectly legitimate issues.
Lieberman's campaign is a disgrace -- hopefully in a week when Joe makes an ass of himself he won't be doing so at the expense of the Democratic Party.

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