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Saturday, August 19, 2006

I like Talking Points Memo, but...

I have read Talking Points Memo every day for years, and my biggest gripe is that when Josh Marshall leaves town he turns over his blog to complete losers. The latest tool is guest poster DK who has made a complete ass of his initials by showing why the DLC talking points are complete bull shit.

Connecticut isn't a circular firing squad, it is Democrats (except for DK, if he is a Democrat) firing against the right. While Harry Reid isn't showing any leadership, that doesn't mean that the netroots shouldn't keep pushing for the knockout punch that will get Joe Lieberman to respect the fact he lost and win the Democratic Part 3 Congressional seats.

If you want Democrats to win in November, kicking Joe Lieberman to the curb is imperative. Anyone who doesn't realize this is a DLC shill or ignorant as a house plant. My guess is DK is both.

UPDATE: Josh interrupts his vacation with a subtle dig that DK is full of shit.

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