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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Stem Cell Vote Huge 2006 Gift for Senate Challengers

Via Kos:

What a gift Bush will hand us with his veto. We'll get another vote to override. And even if it fails (I have a hard time seeing four pickups amongst that list of rampant wingnuttery), it will once again force Republicans to publicly oppose policy that is supported by a 2 to 1 margin amongst the American people.

And this is definitely something we can help fight. Look at how many top 2006 pickup opportunities we have on that list --

Allen in Virginia -- support Jim Webb

Burns in Montana -- support Jon Tester

DeWine in Ohio -- support Sherrod Brown

Ensign in Nevada -- support Jack Carter

Kyl in Arizona -- support Jim Pederson

Santorum in Pennsylvania -- support Bob Casey (though he is wishy washy on the issue)

Talent in Missouri -- support Claire McCaskill

It is unfortunate that Chuck Schumer annointed a Theocon in Pennsylvania, it would be nice to have even more contrast on the issue. This vote shows why Theocons need to be stopped, the American Taliban are crazed zealots who imposing their dogma instead of letting modern medicine save lives.

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