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Friday, July 07, 2006

Rape Gurney Joe Lieberman


Lieberman said he believes hospitals that refuse to give contraceptives to rape victims for "principled reasons" shouldn't be forced to do so.

"In Connecticut, it shouldn't take more than a short ride to get to another hospital," he said.

Well Joe, that's not very helpful. I mean, I know that you'll never need emergency contraception at two o'clock in the morning after having been brutally raped. So I guess it's easy for you to disregard any woman who is unlucky enough to have gone through that trauma.

As a kind gentleman, Connecticut Bob put together a set of handy maps that supporters of Joe Lieberman can pass out to rape victims, letting them know how to get from the hospital they are at to one that will provide the care they need.

Meanwhile, California Senator Barbara Boxer keeps getting bashed by constituents who agree with the Senator on most all issues, but realize how extremely out-of-touch Boxer is when it comes to the Connecticut Senate Race. First it was Jane Hamsher, now Arriana Huffington headlining, "What the Hell Is Barbara Boxer Thinking?"
From the run up to Shock and Awe to last month's flurry of thrust-and-parry resolutions on Iraq, the junior senator from California has been one of the most consistent and vocal critics of the war. She voted no on the war in 2002 and co-sponsored the latest Kerry bill calling for our troops to be withdrawn by July 2007. [...]

So what is she doing heading up to Connecticut to stump for pro-war Joe Lieberman and against his anti-war challenger Ned Lamont?

After all, Tailgunner Joe isn't just one of the staunchest supporters of the war, he's repeatedly and steadfastly spoken out against those who oppose it.

"Retreat and defeat," he said in speaking against the Kerry and Levin withdrawal plans on the floor of the Senate, "would be terrible for the safety and security of the American people." Indeed he was one of only six Democrats to vote against the withdrawal-lite Levin amendment.

Back in December, he responded to Jack Murtha's original call for troop withdrawal by warning that "in matters of war we undermine presidential credibility at our nation's peril" (to which Murtha replied, "Undermining his credibility? What has he said that would give him credibility?"). [...]

So, again, I ask: what the hell is Barbara Boxer thinking?

Look, I understand the you-scratch-my-primary-run-and-I'll-scratch-yours ethos of sticking up for your fellow Senator -- what Jane Hamsher called "the incumbency protection racket". And this isn't a progressive purity test, accompanied by the expectation of lockstep liberalism. This isn't about Lieberman's GOP-friendly positions on tax cuts, affirmative action, the bankruptcy bill, the energy bill, the privatization of some parts of Social Security, and the right to question the president.

At its core, the Lieberman-Lamont contest is about the war on Iraq. So how can Boxer strap on her Senate buddy blinders and jettison her deeply held beliefs on the defining issue of our time?

Keep calling and emailing Boxer's office, Contact info:

DC office: (202) 224-3553
Sacramento office: (916) 448-2787
San Francisco office: (415) 403-0100
Los Angeles office: (213) 894-5000
Fresno office: (559) 497-5109
San Diego office: (619) 239-3884
Inland Empire office: (909) 888-8525

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