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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Norm Coleman, Sr.

Norm Coleman Sr. was busted for having sex with a woman 18 years younger than Senator Norm Coleman. I really don't know if this is more embarrassing for Senator Coleman than the time he finished 3 pts. behind a professional wrestler. Or the time he wrote the infamous letter saying he was a "lifelong Democrat" and had "no other ambition other then to be mayor" of St. Paul.

I can't imagine any outcome other than a lot of jokes coming out of this. With Al Franken thinking about running against Coleman in 2008, the comedians could use this as the perfect opportunity to kick the shit out of Coleman.

Junior should have stuck to supporting good DLF'ers like Wellstone. Instead, sex issues were one of the reasons Coleman cited for joining the Republican Party, which means talk about the dirty old man is clearly fair game.

Worse yet, with Coleman's re-election looking far more difficult, he can't use the old excuse that he wants to spend more time with his family...

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