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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Joe Lieberman Scared of New Haven Bar

There is lots of talk in the Connecticut Blogosphere about Joe Lieberman's tour tomorrow and lots of emails being sent through the pipes. The smart money seems to say Joe is going to chicken out on his final appearance in New Haven instead of facing Connecticut voters ready to record his responses to their foreign policy questions. For more on the tour, visit the (unofficial) Lamont Blog, My Left Nutmeg, Connecticut Blog and Spazeboy.

I'm sure there will be lots of Ned Heads video tomorrow from the events Lieberman doesn't chicken out on.

Here are some good questions:

1. Will he be opposing John Bolton on the floor of the senate this week?

2. Will he rule out accepting any cabinet appointment from Bush in the next 2+ years (which would incidentally likely mean a Republican replacement)?
I'm wondering how many Americans need to die in Iraq before Lieberman admits he was wrong.

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