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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Joe Lieberman Again Punks Connecticut Press

I wonder who Joe Lieberman has more disdain for, Connecticut voters or the Connecticut press corps:

Lieberman himself owns Halliburton stock. Big difference too, cause he actually, ya know, votes on the stuff.


It's also another example of the disdain their campaign treats the local press with. He looked Mark Davis in the eye (and many other reporters) and sanctimoniously scolded Ned for his holdings. It reminds me of when he told local reporters he was considering an Independent bid (Lieberman-CT) but confided to a beltway paper that he had already made the decision. And it's quite similar to his ramblings that "Ned sides with Republicans" while admitting to the Washington Post that he expected a "challenge from the left."

Marion Steinfels deserves as much credibility as Noah Kores.

If there was any doubt that Lieberman has been in DC too long, it should be erased by his constant attacks against the people of Connecticut, be they voters or reporters. The joke is on Connecticut and it isn't funny.

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