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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Holy Shit, Tagaris is King

From the official blog:

Debate Headquarters

Time: 7 PM | Broadcast: NBC (CT), CSPAN & MSNBC | Live Stream Link

Tools: Local Letters to the Editor | Nat’l Letters to Editor | Contribute |

Rapid Response: Rebut misleading answers or half-truths given by Senator Lieberman during the debate. Sourced material please.

Question 1 | Question 2 | Question 3 | Question 4 | Question 5 | Question 6 | Question 7 | Question 8 | Question 9 | Question 10

Behind-the-Scenes: We’ll be providing some behind the scenes stories, video, and photos throughout the day.


Debate Clips for Web-Sharing: Check out the links below for debate clips for distribution on your blogs, email, websites, and any other mechanism you can think of on the web.

YouTube Group | Crooks & Liars | |

Local Scene: Follow some of the debate “watch parties” taking place in Connecticut via some of the state’s finest local bloggers.

Connecticut Blog | My Left Nutmeg |

Track the Discussion Online: Can’t get enough? Check out some of the blogs following the debate tonight.

LamontBlog (unoffocial) | Firedoglake | MyDD | Atrios | Connecticut Local Politics |


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