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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

DSCC Caving?

Raw Story reports:

A senior Democratic party official confirmed that the DSCC is unlikely to back Lieberman should he lose the primary to Ned Lamont, a more progressive contender in Connecticut who has garnered support from bloggers and has catalyzed his campaign around Lieberman's aggressive position on Iraq.

"It is likely that the DSCC will back the winner of the Democratic primary in Connecticut," the party official told RAW STORY, requesting anonymity because of the sensitivity of the race.

The headline doesn't match the quote, the DSCC may be caving, but until Chuck Schumer comes out and says it on the record it think it is fair to assume that Schumer is still looking for a way to back Lieberman in the general. I wouldn't be surprised to see a new committee start so that the DSCC has plausible deniability.

UPDATE: This CNN has a "senior Democratic strategist" saying the same thing:

Call the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee at 202-224-2447 or email them here. Tell them that the unsourced CNN report from a senior DSCC staffer isn't enough -- although it is an awfully good step, and you are happy to see them take it. Ask if there is to be an official announcement on this at some point, and report back and let us know what you find out. Also, try calling the DSCC leadership members:

DSCC leadership phone numbers -- call Reid and Schumer and then your regional leader and Lincoln as the women's leader:

Harry Reid 202-224-3542
Nevada Senator/ Senate Democratic Leader

Charles Schumer 202-224-6542
New York Senator, DSCC Chair

Barbara Boxer 202-224-3553
California Senator/ California Vice Chair

Barack Obama 202-224-2854
Illinois Senator/ Midwest Vice Chair

Mark Pryor 202-224-2353
Arkansas Senator/ Southern Vice Chair

Jack Reed 202-224-4642
Rhode Island Senator/ Northeast Vice Chair

Ron Wyden 202-224-5244
Oregon Senator/ Western Vice Chair

Blanche Lincoln 202-224-4843
Arkansas Senator/ Women's Senate Network Chair

(Huge thank you to reader Siun for putting these numbers together for us!)

All that pressure from Monday is having an impact, folks -- you are doing a great job. Let's keep going until there is an official statement from the DSCC and from Democratic Leadership in the House and Senate that they will honor the decision of of the voting public and support the winner of the Connecticut Democratic Primary, whomever it may be. That's all we're asking them to do. It's only fair.

I recommend calling until Schumer goes on record. If Schumer and the DSCC are planning on doing the right thing, they could tell people, I mean Schumer does have the ability to communicate in real time.

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