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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Quantify it

From Chris Bowers:

As of this afternoon, we are currently at just under $12,000 raised for the third installment of the polling project. This is a joint effort with the Courage Campaign, and is asks a not-so-simple question: Why Did Francine Busby Lose?. In order to make this poll happen we are going to need to reach our $20,000 goal. We are more than halfway there, but we need your help. Please, donate to the polling project today.

In 2006, there will be thousands of election polls commissioned by political campaigns, news organizations, and other interested parties. Of all the polls that will be conducted in 2006, this one may be the most important. The June 6th special election in the Ca-50 is the only federal election that will take place between now and November 7th, and figuring out what happened in that election is crucial to understanding how we can win in November. This is the only poll that will give us that information. It is worth the price of five hundred trial heats and Bush job approval ratings.

Now, while MyDD has established itself as capable of producing legitimate, scientific, buzz-generating polls, I do not expect that the entire Democratic Party will immediately adopt strategies relevant to the findings of this poll. However, because of the influential nature of our audience, because we have a track record of being able to produce strong polls, and because your suggestions have helped make our draft questionnaire one darn good poll, this will change some minds. If done correctly, I believe that this poll will help shape the strategic direction of many local races, congressional races, state parties and even a few statewide races. The DCCC and the DSCC are not going to see the results and recommendations of this poll and suddenly change course. However, some campaigns will take this information seriously, and I believe doing so will help them win in November.

We need your help to make it happen. In the past we have read and taken your suggestions into account for how to construct the poll, but now we need your continued financial support as well. If we don't get the money, we can't run the poll. Please, donate to the polling project today. Let's get this thing in the field.
You haven't needed to follow the blogs for long to realize that investing in Chris Bowers and polling will make you proud.

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