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Friday, June 16, 2006

NRSC Lies about Jon Tester

jon testerIt will come as no surprise to learn that the National Republican Senate Committee is already lying about Jon Tester in ads. The Great Falls Tribune calls them on it:

Earlier this week, the NRSC released both a television and radio ad centered on Tester's trademark buzz cut. Both are set in a fictional barbershop and feature the punch line: "Conservative haircut. Liberal values."

Shortly before the primary, Tester's campaign released a commercial titled "Creating a Buzz" that featured Tester's barber, Bill Graves of Riverview Barbershop.

Graves said that Tester is hitting back with yet another commercial, filmed Thursday in his shop.

"I was fairly mad when that (Republican) ad came out," said Graves, 70, who has been a barber for 40 years.

"That guy in the ad isn't a barber. He's an actor and he's never touched Jon Tester's hair," said Graves. He said that he is the only person who has cut Tester's hair in the last 15 years, except for his 22-year-old granddaughter, Megan McKiernan, and a barber in Havre.

Since they NRSC is running scared and doesn't have anything to hit Tester on, they just made shit up, saying Tester isn't a good tipper.

But here's the thing that really frosted Graves.

The Republicans' radio ad features the "barber" saying, "didn't leave much of a tip, either." The TV ad goes a step farther: "Didn't leave a tip, either."

However, Tester does tip, said Graves.

"Oh, yeah ...He's very generous," he said.

Once again a Montana senate race is all about haircuts. The question for the NRSC should be, "how did that work out for you last time?"

You can help Tester set the record straight against these lies by making a contribution.

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