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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Jon Tester is the Smart Choice for Democrats

From the AP:

"I think, given the overall importance of ethics, if we're just looking at one issue, that Tester is better placed than Morrison," said Craig Wilson, a Montana State University-Billings political scientist who has observed Montana politics for 40 years.
From the Billings Gazette:
HELENA -- Paul Richards, the low-budget Democratic U.S. Senate candidate whose poll numbers trail well behind primary opponents John Morrison and Jon Tester, said Wednesday he's throwing his support to Tester in next Tuesday's primary election.

Richards said he thinks Tester is the best Democrat to defeat U.S. Sen. Conrad Burns, R-Mont., in the November general election -- and that Morrison, if nominated, would lose to Burns.

Because the Democratic primary battle between Tester and Morrison appears close, Richards said he doesn't want to take any votes away from Tester next Tuesday.
"My votes could make a difference," Richards said. "I couldn't be comfortable sitting on the votes that I have if John Morrison is the nominee.

"I simply don't believe Morrison can defeat Burns. I think the Democrats' nominating Morrison would be a bad mistake. We have to consider the national implications of Montana's Senate seat."

Democrats and Republicans alike have said the results of the Montana race could decide party control of the U.S. Senate this fall.
Control of the United States Senate could be decided in the Montana Democratic Primary on Tuesday. The choice between Jon Tester and John Morrison is clear: only Tester can beat Conrad Burns.

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