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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Jon Tester and John Morrison: Election Returns

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CountyCityNews2002 Dem Votes%
Sec StateStatewide -- 54,444100%
CascadeGreat FallsTribune6,67112%
Lewis & ClarkHelenaIR7,00613%
Silver BowButteStandard4,4858%
FlatheadKalispellInter Lake2,2014%
Top 7 -- -- 31,67458%
I looked at this earlier, but wanted to go into more detail. Since it is unlikely that there will be good results coming from the Secretary of State's website tonight, election junkies may have to follow results county by county. Above are the top seven counties, with links to their elections websites and newspapers. Also, I included the total vote for the contested 2002 mid-term Democratic congressional primary to give you some idea what role each county has played in the past.

Remember, Havre, Montana was a town created by the railroads because it is exactly halfway between the Minneapolis and Seattle. Tester lives a half an hour away, which makes him more rural than the middle of nowhere. With Tester's senate seat coming in at more than 17,000 square miles, he actually represents a larger geographic area than 18 members of the U.S. Senate. Taken together with his strong support on Montana's reservations, Tester should receive substantial support from the 49 counties not listed above.

Tester staffer Andy Tweeten will be unofficially liveblogging from the Tester party at the Holiday Inn-Parkside in Missoula. As always, there will be coverage at MyDD and Swing State Project. Locally, New West will be following the returns and you'll likely find more from Montana bloggers, including Left in the West, Intelligent Discontent, 4&20 Blackbirds, and Wulfgar. I'm sure there will be plenty of discussion at DailyKos.

UPDATE: Ed in Montana will be live-blogging the Helena party at the Windbag saloon and Touchstone will be at the Missoula party with Tweeten.

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