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Friday, June 02, 2006

John Morrison's Former Staff for Jon Tester

The press has picked up on the fact that John Morrison's former Chief Legal Counsel, Deputy, and flack are all voting for Tester. In today's Great Falls Tribune, via Left in the West:

The letter from Morrison's former employees is carefully worded -- "Tester is a true public servant with respect for the average Montanan." -- but Craig Wilson, pollster and political science professor at Montana State University Billings, said its meaning is clear. "They are taking a position in code words that, given the ethics issue, Tester's a better candidate," he said. Considering the accumulation of events -- the letter from the attorneys, Richards' endorsement of Tester, and now this -- "I would have to say that within the last week, Tester's campaign has kind of gained the big mo' (momentum)," Wilson said. Tester spokesman Bill Lombardi said Thursday that "Jon's honored to have the support of these former John Morrison employees. ... They know the difference between the two candidates and they're making the right choice." Janet Harper, who was a securities analyst with the auditor's office from 2003 2005 and who said she supported Morrison in his 2000 and 2004 campaigns for that job, said she also is throwing her support to Tester. "I read the letter ( from the three former employees) and I concur completely," said Harper, who worked for Tester in the 2005 legislative session.
For an article like this to appear in the Tribune is huge news for Jon Tester. As Left in the West points out, Janet Harper is married to former state House Speaker Hal Harper, who is Governor Brian Schweitzer's Legislative Director -- yet is still stepping forward to make sure voters know where those who have worked for Morrison stand. Considering Morrison's wife can't trust him, his former staff can't trust him, why should you?

Craig Wilson is right, Tester has the momentum and is peaking perfectly for a victory on Tuesday.

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