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Friday, June 23, 2006

Jack Carter Latest Polls

jack carter nevada senate In Nevada, where Senator John Ensign is facing an increasingly difficult re-election, Democrat Jack Carter is -- surprise -- doing increasingly well in the polls:

The newest polling in the Carter/Ensign Senate race is out from the Wall Street Journal and it shows that we are moving up compared to previous polling:

John Ensign (R): 50.5 %
Jack Carter (D): 36 %

(Ensign up by just 14.5)

Research 2000 from May:

Ensign: 52
Carter: 32

(Ensign up by 20)

Mason-Dixon from April:

Ensign: 60
Carter: 27

(Ensign up by 33)

The latest polling shows Carter has closed half the gap in three months, if he continues on this pace this will be a top-tier race for the final stretch of the election.

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