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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Governor Brian Schweitzer for Jon Tester

I just received an email from Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer. For the record, I was also born in the same hospital as Schweitzer and Tester:

Jon Tester and I share the same strong Montana roots.

His grandparents homesteaded 20 miles from my grandparents, and Jon and I were born in the same hospital in Havre, Montana.

In public service here in Montana, we live by one test: what's best for the people of this great state. Jon and I are working together here in Montana, living by that simple rule, to move Montana forward. Last year, I worked closely with Jon when he served as President of the Montana Senate. Jon and I led the fight for a prescription drug benefit for seniors, eliminated taxes on 13,000 small businesses, and delivered a plan to make Montana a national leader on renewable energy -- all while balancing the budget and without raising taxes.

We need more of that kind of leadership. Let's send Jon to represent Montana in the U.S. Senate:

I know Senator Burns will pull out all the stops to stay in power.

Please help Jon Tester with a contribution today:

We've cleaned up government in Helena. Now it's time to clean up Washington, D.C.

It's time for a change. Jon Tester has broad enough shoulders, strong enough convictions, enough Montana in his soul, that he will never allow some corporate lobbyist to change his vote.

Montanans already have one strong voice in the U.S. Senate. Please join me in supporting Jon Tester to bring Montana values and our convictions to the U.S. Senate. I wrote a personal check for $2,100. Please match my commitment to change in Washington, D.C., by contributing what you can today.

Brian Schweitzer
Governor Brian Schweitzer
Props to the Governor for writing a personal $2,100 check for Tester.

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