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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Don't be Evil

google plese don't be evil and censor in china
What happens next?

China's government reiterated on Thursday that foreign Internet companies such as Google Inc. must abide by its laws, which require censoring online material that is considered to be politically sensitive.

The comments by China's Foreign Ministry came two days after Google co-founder Sergey Brin acknowledged that his company compromised its principles by introducing a Chinese search engine that filters controversial links about democracy, among other topics. He also raised the possibility that Google may eventually shut down the Web site if conditions in the country prove to be too onerous.

Google's move. I'm hoping they 1.) fix blogger, 2.) tell the China's government to stick it where Chinesse bloggers can't tell them to stick it.

It was good to see Google fight for net neutrality (which was both in their best interests and not being evil). But allowing censorship is a real test, it is in Google's short term interests to be evil. Let's hope Brin wasn't bluffing with neither the China question nor with not being evil.

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