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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

2008 Contrast at Take Back America


Senator Russ Feingold won an enthusiastic response from a liberal gathering today for his criticism of the Iraq war and President Bush.

Some at the audience chanted Run-Russ-Run, and others wore buttons with the same sentiment. The Wisconsin senator is considering a presidential run in 2008.

Many people at the event, put together by the Campaign for America's Future, gave Feingold standing ovations when he said Democrats needed to stand up to the Bush administration on Iraq and on civil liberties issues.

New York Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton drew some boos yesterday from the same group when she restated her opposition to setting a withdrawl date from Iraq.

Watch Feingold's speech.

Feingold is right and was right. That is why he doesn't have to worry about Dan Balz writing a story like this for the Washington Post (notice the final graph where Balz seems to suggest that Clinton may have pissed of progressive activists on purpose as part of a DLC triangulation move).

More on Hillary Clinton getting booed.

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