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Friday, May 19, 2006

Joe Lieberman flops at convention

From the official Ned Lamont blog:

A ringing endorsement of Ned Lamont's campaign, and a stinging rebuke to Senator Lieberman. The convention is an inside-baseball event, and Lieberman put EVERYTHING he had into holding us below 15% ... he couldn't. Your hard work and dedication has put Ned Lamont, officially, on the ballot.

The field operation continues plugging away tomorrow and we have an enormous headstart on-the-ground. The commercials give us a much needed boost in statewide recognition. And everyone's read about the buzz you all are generating online.

We got the mo! This is what a movement looks like.

Fill the hat on the front page

To say the Lamont supporters are fired up would be a complete understatement. Here's the final tally. Hat's off to everyone out there from the campaign.

Ned Lamont: 505
Joe Lieberman: 1004

Total Needed for Ballot: 15%
Ned Receives: 505 (33.4%)

This is huge! Lamont Blog says:


Latest unoffical count I have is 505 votes for Lamont, out of 1,509 total votes. Over one-third voted for Lamont.

Joe Lieberman was severely rebuked tonight by the grassroots and the insiders of his own party. Ned Lamont exceeded even Joe's inflated expectation of 30%. There are many more who would have voted for him if they would have been allowed to vote their conscience.

Tonight was a stunning victory for Ned Lamont. The mood at the convention center is elation and celebration for Lamont supporters. The campaign is psyched. Lieberman supporters are walking away completely dejected.

Anyone who thought this campaign wasn't for real... now it's for real.
Stoller says:

Ned Lamont is CRUSHING Joe Lieberman. Lieberman's expensive tent and lavish support and paid armies of staffers weren't enough. His side is incredibly dejected - their crowd of thunderstick cheerers, who cheered whenever a town went lopsided for Joe, have disbanded and are chatting. The Lieberman supporters aren't even dejected, they are bored.

Lieberman has $5 million of a smear and slime campaign coming. This is a big win. Time to saddle up.

Indeed. This photo says it all!

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