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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Francine Busby Tied in Latest Poll

An update from down south in CA-50, the latest poll has Francine Busby neck and neck:

Bilbray 45%, Busby 45%: In a special election held today, 5/10/06, in California's 50th Congressional District, Republican Brian Bilbray and Democrat Francine Busby tie, each with 45%, according to a SurveyUSA poll of 442 likely voters conducted exclusively for KGTV-TV San Diego. 9% would vote for some other candidate. Bilbray gets 82% of Republican votes. Busby gets 92% of Democrat votes. Among Independents, Busby leads Bilbray 54% to 19%. Bilbray leads among male voters by 5 points. Busby leads among female voters by 5 points. The 50th Congressional seat is vacant; Republican Randy "Duke" Cunningham resigned on 11/28/2005. Busby won the Special Primary on 4/11/06 with 44% of the vote. Bilbray finished second with 15%, 1 point ahead of Republican Eric Roach. 80% of Roach's voters now support Bilbray. Among likely voters who did not vote in the Special Primary, Bilbray leads Busby by 19 points. 27 days remain until the 6/6/06 Primary.
Go Francine Busby! California doesn't need another Duke Cunningham, California doesn't want the GOP Culture of Corruption.

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