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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

CT-Sen: Ned Lamont Posts on Daily Kos

At 4PM West Coast, 7PM Eastern, Ned Lamont will be posting on Daily Kos.

Also, here is the update from Tim Tagaris:

1.) Yes, Ned is going to post on Kos. He'll jump in with both feet for the first time tonight at 7 PM. He will also be around to answer questions after the piece is posted.

2.) Yes, Joe's attack ads were ridiculous. Here's a piece from a campaign email that just went out minutes ago.

For example, Lieberman's ad claimed Ned voted against cleaning asbestos out of a local public school. But what the ad didn't say was that it was part of a larger $45 million appropriation of which less than 5% was slated for asbestos removal. Those bills are all-or-nothing, and Ned thought a good amount of the spending in the bill was unnecessary, so he voted the whole thing down. It's the same kind of attack President Bush launched when he screamed over and over that John Kerry voted against the now infamous $87 billion to provide troops with body armor.

I am not certain if an 18 year incumbent has ever launched such a desperate flurry of attack ads and literature in a primary, but it's what we are facing here in CT. That's alright though, cause thanks to you, we have been able to get our message out. The rest is left up to hard work and democracy.

3.) Senator Lieberman is still consistently asked if he has any intention of leaving the Democratic Party and running as an Independent ... he still refuses to rule it out.

4.) I will be at Yearly Kos representing the campaign, and also speaking on a panel. And yes, I'll have buttons and stickers and all that good stuff.

5.) Yes, we are going to work on accomodating people who want to come in and volunteer over the summer nearing the conclusion of the campaign.

6.) We are going to make available for you a number of online tools geared towards helping spread the message about Ned and our effort online, and into your offline networks.

7.) For you in CT, just wait until you see what we have planned for a marriage between the online and off -- it truly will revolutionize the way the online piece is integrated into campaigns.

This will be the race to watch as the people rise up against the DLC.

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