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Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Whoops, ended up in the press again.


National Democratic leaders squashed Paul Hackett's Senate campaign by telling top fundraisers to stop sending him money, the Iraq War veteran said today. [...]

The Weblog writers who fostered national support for Hackett were up in arms Tuesday.

"Chuck Schumer should buy a conical hat and follow the wall until he finds a corner," said Bob Brigham of San Francisco...


But blogger Bob Brigham, who played a role in Hackett's House race, had a scathing and obscene reaction. "Schumer has now ***** up beyond all recognition the primaries in both Pennsylvania and Ohio," Brigham said in an e-mail distributed Tuesday morning. He called Schumer "a complete ******* fool."

I'm curious why 'fucking' gets a '*' for each letter while 'fucked' only gets a '*' for five of the six letters. Other than that, it seems about right.

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