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Monday, May 16, 2005

On CNN Discussing the Blogosphere

Live, from New York, it's the Personal Democracy Forum! And CNN:

[JACKI SCHECHNER, BLOG REPORTER:]Now bringing in with me now or joining me now, rather, is Bob Brigham who's in from California. He came out for the forum. He's part of They're organizing a lot of local blogs online.

But first we wanted to ask you, why come out for a forum like this?

BOB BRIGHAM, BLOGPAC.ORG: It's priceless to be able to meet the people in person that you interact with on line. And the friendships that are cemented with real world interaction will have consequences for decades to come.

SCHECHNER: Now we were talking a lot about where blogging is heading in the future. There's been a lot of talk of national politics. But you've got a particular interest in local politics. How do you think that's going to play out?

BRIGHAM: In 2004 the buzzword was nationalization with the blogs. In 2006 the buzzword is going to be localization. People are working locally, bloggers are organizing locally. is organizing school district by school district. In Philadelphia, the bloggers are organizing around a candidate for D.A. Seth Williams (ph) and bloggers are beginning to interact with the people geographically they live closest to and work together as a team.

SCHECHNER: Now a forum like this you think that you're preaching to the choir. That it's a lot of people who are into the same thing. But you think there's some untapped potential out there. Who do you think are the most interesting political bloggers or who could be the most interesting political bloggers who aren't actually blogging right now?

BRIGHAM: There's a lot of great talent in the blogosphere currently. But as we see more and more people begin to blog, people with institutional knowledge who have been following local politics for years, who might have worked a campaign or two in college, as they begin to blog, with that institutional memory, I think we're going to see even more of an explosion in the dialogue.

-By Bob Brigham

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