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Monday, December 06, 2004

Sonia Arrison is an idiot

Sonia Arrison doesn't think the libraries of the 21st century should be public. In her elitist world, only those who pay should have access to the knowledge. And I shouldn't be able to grab a cup of coffee and enjoy Mayor Newsom's wonderful victory of providing free Wi-Fi at Union Square.

I've used the Wi-Fi at Union Square and it is great.

Sonia Arrison also neglets to inform the reader that the providing wireless in parks isn't about the wireless companies -- it is about community. When people have access to added and diverse features at parks it is imperically proven to increase usage which increases safety and decreases crime.

More people using parks gets people out of doors creating a healthier society. And I know from my own experience using Union Square that I have purchased coffee from nearby merchants before sitting down and have gone shopping afterwards.

As a former parks consultant and Campaign Manager for San Francisco's successful 2000 Parks Bond I will say without hesitation that Wi-Fi is a wonderful thing for our parks.

It is also good for our City. Tourists have come up and asked me about the free Wi-Fi. I shows that San Francisco is 21st century and open for business.

So what is up with Sonia Arrison?

Is she crazy? Is she just a mean bitch? Well probably, but she writes this crap because that is what she is paid to do. Not tell it like it is, tell it like the people paying want you to think it is.

You see Sonia Arrison works for PRI, which is a far, far, far right-wing mouthpiece. These are the wingnuts who freaked out when Bill Lockyer tried to get the EPA to impose limits on car smog (gasp).

When Sonia Arrison edits a book she hands the first chapter over to the CATO Institute.

Who funds PRI? Well Verizon of course (which may explain this article). Not only does Arrison fight against free internet, but then she turns around and lobbies to jack up the price.

What should we do about her attacks?

I recommend you grab your laptop, buy some coffee from one of San Francisco's many great merchants, head down to Union Square and send an email to Sonia Arrison at -- tell her to shut the fuck up!

- Bob Brigham
Bay to the Beltway
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