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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Ross Mirkarimi: as incompetent as misguided

From today's Body Politic:

At a recent campaign-training event, Gonzalez's consultant Ross Mirkarimi admitted the campaign at times had 200 people doing yoga and 15 on the phone banks, pointing out that the reverse could have pushed the effort beyond its 47 percent showing. ...

No shit? Ross Mirkarimi figured this out AFTER the campaign was over?

I'm just surprised Gonzalez supporters haven't taken Ross Mirkarimi to court for gross political malpractice and sued to get their donations back.

Literally, the 200 people doing yoga could have had a raffle and the winner -- regardless of who it was -- could have done a better job. They could have gone down to Ceasar Chavez and hired a day laborer to handle strategy and without a doubt they would have ended up with better talent. Oh yeah, but then they would have been spending money instead of letting the City pick up Mirkarimi's paycheck.

No wonder the Green Party thought voting for Nader in 2000 would make the country more liberal. Who was promoting that thinking in California? Ross Mirkarimi.

At least he is consistently counter-productive. If you live in district five and agree with what he stands for, I'd recommend voting for somebody else.

- Bob Brigham
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