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Wednesday, October 27, 2004


Ginny Schrader (D-Blogosphere)

Three months ago, nobody thought Ginny Schrader had a chance of winning in Pennsylvania's 8th Congressional District. Ginny was running against a popular, pro-choice Republican, because she wanted to talk about the issues and realized Democrats need to win decisively in the 8th CD for Kerry to capture PA's 21 Electoral Votes.

Then, on July 19th, Mr. Liberal announced to the blogosphere that Congressman Greenwood was retiring. Immediately, the netroots sprang to action. A controversy errupted over whether the party should get a "more electable" candidate, but the netroots won and now Ginny is one of the DCCC's top targets. The Dean Dozen backed her, saying Ginny was an, "excellent opportunity for a Democratic pick-up. This district is critical to talking back the House, Senate and the White House." The netroots support solidified with Atrios, Daily Kos, MyDD and the Swing State Project all raising money.

But Ginny ran to talk about the issues and she is continuing to run a go-for-broke discussion about choice, the war, health care and jobs. For this, Moveon PAC has touted her as one of five targeted Candidates Against the War. Polling has shown that 43% of her opponent's supporters will abandon him when they find out about his extremist views against Choice. If Ginny Schrader can get out her message, she will win and her field campaign will help us win twenty-one critical Electoral Votes.

The district wants to elect a pro-choice Democrat, Ginny simply needs to let voters know her name. This means TV and each point costs $496 in Philly's expensive TV market. If Ginny's campaign budget forces her to choose between TV and field, we're not going to pick up this seat. We need to support Ginny now and continue supporting her until we win.

Jerome Armstrong has said, "The race in PA 8th, which all started here with the netroots activists, has become a top-tier, first priority, contest for control of the House."

Schrader on Act Blue:
Mr. Liberal
Note: this doesn't include the early money Ginny Schrader raised online.
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