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Wednesday, June 16, 2004

The wrath of 9 million honey bees

The Bozeman Daily Chronicle is full of Montana news today. First, some dipshit crashes his tractor-trailer filled with millions of bees.

But in true Bozeman form, that isn't the scary story. Scott McMillion writes the story to read and fear about Thumper (I am not making this up) "the long-tailed bear" who has been eluding authorities for over two years. Thumper has a sorid history of marijuana use but is feared for belly-flopping on tents. For the record, Thumper weighs 332 lbs.

In other news, the Bozeman Daily Chronicle Police Reports say, "It appears someone tried to ride the fake horse on top of Gallatin Saddlery Monday."

I know most of my readers have already read "the other Chronicle" this morning but I figured I'd write this post anyway. I'll be writing some more on Montana, specifically on the campaign of Brian Schweitzer to elect a decent person governor. Too many years of Republican domination that have left the state broke. But this year Schweitzer will prove a Democrat can win in Montana and begin turning the state around.

- Bob Brigham
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