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Saturday, June 12, 2004

Weekend News Update

Now that the "Gipperporn" is confined to re-runs, we can get back to the presidential race. Kerry came out swinging for stem-cell research in the Democratic weekly radio address. It is a great issue for Kerry and annoys to no length the holy-rollers. Speaking of which, Craigslist message-board had a great anon-post suggesting Kerry introduce legislation creating a federal holiday for Reagan for no other reason than to steal the thunder of the right.

After McCain's rejection, an A.P. poll gave a boost to Edwards campaign for the number 2 slot. But Edwards doesn't give Kerry a boost so keep me with the movement to draft Bruce Springsteen for vice-presidential nominee. Still talk of HRC joining the ticket, but mostly be people who have never won a race in the flyover states.

Restless John Kerry rocks out, listen to mp3s from John Kerry's band the Electras.

Hopefully Limbaugh's latest divorce will keep him from pontificating about the "sanctity of marriage" until he remarries...again.

A General's latitude might change some voters attitudes as we learn more about how the Bush administration changed the rules of war.

- Bob Brigham
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