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Friday, June 18, 2004

Teach the Children Well?

The School year is over for all but the stoopid kids and those in school districts that no longer honor agrarian culture.

Yet in one Long Island New York school district things are far from well this summer. Newfield High Principal Mitchell Ross is a dipshit. Wait, that's my conclusion, I forget I'm supposed to make the case first.

The kids at Newfield High mailed out condoms and lube to the parents with an official looking letter on school stationary. Hardly original, but always funny for the way it tweaks with the idiot parents who think if we keep condoms from the kids they won't have sex.

However, these Long Island kids did score some major bonus points by finding a way to get the school to pay for the postage.

OK, this is the point where I guess I need to tell you about the over-reaction by Newfield High's Principal Ross. "It's inexcusable, offensive and quite frankly demeaning of all individuals," according to an AP quote.

It appears Principal Ross hasn't spent much time visiting the english classrooms because I'm guessing the kids who wrote the letter in this "Protection Package" scandal have a better command of english.

What is with the kids these days

Instead of sitting around smoking, they are using their computer skills to forge documents in elaborate plots to draw attention to the hypocrisy in the world around them.

Inexcusable? Yes, I agree that detention or something is in order...for the adults who don't want condoms falling into the hands of sexually active high school students.

Principal Ross was a nothing but a harmless fool right up until he asked the cops to step in so that the criminal justice system could punish the pranksters. Ruining these kids lives because they pulled off a funny (and socially appropriate) prank is offensive.

As for the pransters. Well, they've shown they can write a letter that gets noticed, influence public opinion, target their audience, and bring a project to fruition that receives media attention. I suggest they get their hands on the school's email list, start a website, and get Principal Ross fired if he presses charges against any of the kids involved.

- Bob Brigham
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