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Saturday, June 05, 2004

October Surprise: Reagan, CIA, and Elections

...a story that could make Deep Throat look shallow...

October Surpise

Even though Reagan's family is currently gathering at his bedside, the stakes in this year's presidential race are so high that I think it is time to take a look back at Reagan's "October Surprise" in the 1980 presidential race.

If this is true, you can be sure that the perps didn't count on the Soviet Union collapsing and Russian Intelligence information coming back to haunt them a dozen years later.

Recent happenings in Washington have set the stage for the CIA once again intervening in a U.S. Presidential Election.

Today's papers report on a "power vacuum" in the CIA and some reasons why we should worry. Around the world, the CIA shake-up is being viewed as an opportunity for reform. Fueling the sibling rivalry angle, the FBI chose this week to announce a new Intelligence Unit.

With electronic voting adding another means to the CIA's motive, it will be interesting to see how Bush plays his hand with the CIA. If he refuses systematic reforms and only dangles his feet in the water with appointments, keep your eye on this story.

- Bob Brigham
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