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Monday, June 21, 2004

Nader makes play for California

Not only is Ralph Nader doing everything in his power to spoil John Kerry's campaign, but now Nader is also trying to spoil Kerry's budget by forcing the Democrat to waste money in California.

Today, Nader announced he has chosen Peter Camejo as his running mate.

Camejo has recently run two statewide campaigns and last year received 212,000 votes in his recall campaign for governor.

Nader's choice illustrates how the idiot left will go to great lengths to destroy progress unless it helps their political careers.

Bush is leading Kerry 2:1 in cash on hand and Nader wants Kerry's limited warchest spent in the least effective manner. With Camejo on the ballot, Kerry's lead in California may diminish to the point where he is forced to spend money in California's expensive media markets.

Yet again, we see how the fringe-left penalizes liberals with their destructive tactics.

- Bob Brigham
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