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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Better than a campaign website - SF Political Update

The conventional wisdom around City Hall has been that Supervisor Gerardo Sandoval is a tool. I have to admit, I thought that too until I stumbled upon Supervisor Gerardo Sandoval - Official Re-Election Campaign Website. Well, maybe not exactly but after visiting gerardosandoval dot com, I will say that guy has my vote. (thanks to Joefire for ripping on politicians so stupid they use a URL other than their name, his MMM brought me to the above site)

I love the look on Gerardo Sandoval's face in the third pic...yeah baby! If that Sandoval were running I'll bet he wouldn't get beaten like a drum.

Rachel Gordon reminds us it's time for another round of name that stadium. (yes the San Francisco Budget page is updated).

LAGADDA probably won't be holding meetings at Badlands what with the protest and all. Matier and Ross said yesterday Barbara Boxer is up by 23 pts.

Recent polls indicate the all but 20 people in the entire City of San Francisco are happy with Mayor Newsom. It is interesting to note that 19 of those 20 are writers at Beyond Chron. The final one is still believed to be Chris Daly.

Speaking of Daly, Adriel Hampton updates us on the latest showdown Daly's forcing with the Mayor.

"For 43 dollars my friend lost his life." We'll not exactly like in the Hank William's Jr. song, but when adjusted for inflation, probably pretty close: Homicide victim shot over $100

- Bob Brigham
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